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Diving into personal finances with Kainos Empowerment as your guide.

Build Your Personalized Financial Plan

Conquer Your Financial Destiny with a Personalized Plan (Dave Ramsey Plan Fans Welcome!)

  • 1 h
  • Virtual

Service Description

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck, drowning in debt, or simply unsure how to reach your financial dreams? Take control with a Build Personalized Financial Plan session, discounted for a limited time at 6 sessions! This isn't just financial planning; it's financial transformation. We'll dive deep into your finances, exploring: Your Unique Goals: Whether it's debt freedom, early retirement, or a dream vacation, let's define what success looks like for you. Dave Ramsey Plan Alignment: Are you a Ramsey devotee? We'll seamlessly integrate his proven strategies into your personalized plan. Financial Reality Check: We'll assess your income, expenses, and debt, giving you a clear picture of your financial landscape. Dream Weaver: From buying a home to securing your golden years, let's unlock your financial aspirations and map your path to achieving them. Actionable Roadmap: Forget empty promises. We'll develop concrete steps you can take TODAY to start building your financial future. Why is building a personalized financial plan so important? Clarity & Confidence: Gaining insight into your finances empowers you to make informed decisions and navigate with confidence. Debt Destroyer: Discover proven strategies to conquer debt and achieve financial freedom faster. Goal Magnet: With a clear roadmap, your dreams become closer than ever. Stress Slayer: Eliminate financial anxieties and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're on the right track. Don't wait! This incredible offer is only available for a limited time. Claim your 6-session Build Personalized Financial Plan today and start building the future you deserve. Your financial freedom awaits! Claim your discounted sessions!

Cancellation Policy

There is a cancellation fee of $75 for cancellation of session less than a 24-hour notice. No refund after starting of session. There is no cancellation fee for FREE webinars or services. Coach and you, the client, acknowledge that we are free to stop coaching at any time, and to resume it at any time. We are free to consult with any other professional at any time. Any information is privileged and confidential. A Coach must disclose information brought to his/her attention that is an unreported crime or a threat of harm. The Coach and you, the client, mutually agree to indemnify and hold each other harmless from any and all claims arising out of this coaching relationship except those willfully, intentionally, and knowingly intended to cause harm to another.

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